Club Constitution 2019/20 Season

1.       NAME

1.1.     The club shall be known as Leyland Albion Football Club and shall be affiliated to the Lancashire County Football Association.

2.       OBJECT

2.1.     The object of the club is to provide Association Football for its members and such social and recreational activities as deemed by the General Committee.


3.1.     The Executive Officers of the club shall consist of CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, TREASURER, CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER and other positions as required, all of who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) (collectively, the Executive Committee).

3.2.     The Club shall be controlled by the Executive Committee.


4.1.     The General Committee shall consist of the Executive Officers of the club, Team Managers and respective Assistant Managers.

4.2.     The General Committee shall meet every 2 months (or as agreed by the Executive Officers). The proceedings at such meetings shall be duly recorded.

4.3.     The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Child Welfare Officer and Team Managers only shall have voting rights. The Chairman’s vote shall only be used as a casting vote.

4.4.     At meetings of the General Committee a majority of General Committee members with voting rights shall form a quorum.


5.1.     The property/assets of the club shall be vested in the Executive Committee.

5.2.     All purchases of kit and equipment to be requested via the Purchase Order system and authorised by the Executive Committee.

5.3.     All prospective Team Managers to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

5.4.     The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as deemed necessary and shall receive reports of said sub-committees at its meeting.

5.5.     The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club.

5.6.     The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies in the General Committee as they arise between AGM’s.


6.1.     Membership shall consist of the Executive/General Committee and players.

6.2.     All Officials of the Club must be CRB checked.

6.3.     At least one Manager per team shall hold the FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate.

6.4.     The Secretary shall keep a register of membership.


7.1.     The AGM shall be held no later than 30th June each year.

7.2.     The Secretary shall give 14 days’ notice of such a meeting to all members.

7.3.     Reports from the Executive Officers shall be received at the AGM.

7.4.     All Executive Officers will stand for re-election annually.


8.1.     The Executive/General Committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting when deemed desirable.

9.       FINANCIAL

9.1.     The Executive Committee shall keep proper books of accounts.

9.2.     All cheques or BACS payments are to be authorised by two of the Executive Officers of the club.

9.3.     All sponsorship monies to be entered into the club account.

9.4.     The Executive Committee to decide what expenses, if any, can be paid to General Committee members.

9.5.     Lancashire Football Association, Central Lancashire Junior Football League, Mid Lancs Colts Junior Football League fees, fines, expenses, etc. shall only require endorsement by the Secretary.

9.6.     The Executive Committee shall endorse all other expenses.

9.7.     Honorariums of £100 each will be paid to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer if club funds allow and if approved by members at the AGM.

9.8.     The Treasurer is to hold a Community Fund of up to £1,000 to consider requests for Hardship Cases, Charity Donations and other causes deemed worthy for enhancing the reputation of the Club in the local community. All requests are to be made to the Executive Committee.


10.1. The Executive/General Committee shall agree the Match Fees and Club Fees at the AGM.

10.2. Each Team Manager shall submit a record of his teams Fees & expenses to the Treasurer, when requested.

10.3. All Team Managers must ensure that all payments are paid into the Bank on a monthly basis.

10.4. Completed forms are to be sent to the Treasurer in hard copy or via e-mail.


11.1. Team Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators at matches and must notify the MLC Secretary or CL Secretary of any incident that might bring the club into disrepute.

11.2. Team Managers are responsible for the player’s kit, and any other equipment owned by the club. Any damage other than fair wear and tear must be reported to the General Committee.

11.3. Team Managers must hand over to the Executive Committee on an agreed date all kit unless agreed otherwise by the Executive Committee.

11.4. The club will pay the team's first fine, but any subsequent fines or Team Managers and Players personal fines, must be paid for by the individual, unless agreed by the General Committee.

11.5. Managers should ensure that there is a trained First Aider at every match and training practice session. The General Committee will ensure that provisions are made to comply with this requirement.


12.1. The Secretary must ensure that all meetings, including AGM’s of Central Lancashire and Mid Lancs Colts League are attended on the club’s behalf, or to arrange for an alternative General Committee member to attend on their behalf.

12.2. The Secretary is to ensure that all League deadlines are met, especially with regard to Team & Player Registration, and any other information requested by the Leagues from time to time.

12.3. The Secretary is to ensure that any correspondence sent to the Leagues and Lancashire FA by General Committee members are passed by the Secretary to sign.

12.4. To ensure that monies owed to the Leagues and the Lancashire FA are paid on time.

12.5. The Secretary is to keep a register of all players and confirmed method of payment for club fees.


13.1. All offers of sponsorship must be dealt with by the Executive/General Committee.


14.1. Club members and parents may attend General Committee meetings.

14.2. No Manager may organise fund raising/Team trips without first gaining authorisation from the Executive Committee.

14.3. The club’s colours are combinations of Sky Blue/Maroon Shirts; Sky Blue/Maroon Shorts and either maroon or sky blue socks, all teams are required to have the agreed match and training kits.

14.4. Club Fees payable from 01 September 2019 will be at a monthly rate of £18 (ie £216 per annum) or annually at £198 (ie 1-month discount). There will no longer be a ‘signing on fee’. Siblings will receive a 50% discount (ie a monthly rate of £9 or annually at £108). Managers will receive an additional 3-month discount (but must ensure that the team is represented at 100% of the mangers meetings).

14.5. Any player who attends training who is not registered will be charged £3 per session.

14.6. The annual membership will include the following: weekly training sessions other than when facilities are not available, League and Cup matches if selected, end of season presentation day/evening including trophy. 

14.7. The Executive/General Committee is to organise an official Trophy Presentation at the close of each season, where all registered players will receive a trophy for participating. There will also be Special Awards to be chosen at the discretion of the Team Managers for their particular teams.

14.8. Fundraising: All General Committee must assist fully with all the Club’s Fundraising activities.

14.9. It is the responsibility of the Managers to ensure that parents/players are made aware of the Club’s activities and to encourage them to support all the events.

14.10. Friendly matches and tournaments will be financed by the team and not the club.
14.11. The club will supply each manager and assistant (only when joining the club or when they are due to be replaced) with a Shirt, Half/Full Zip Top and shorts which will be Black / Grey Joma Winner (details on club website). No other makes or colours that carry the Leyland Albion club badge will be permitted.


15.1. In the event that the Club ceases to operate or is unable to meet its Object in clause 2 above, then the Executive Officers shall take responsibility for winding up the affairs of the club.

15.2. If there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Members of the Club.  Instead, they shall be given or transferred to a club or clubs having objects similar to the Objects of the Club and which shall prohibit the distribution of its income and property to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the Club as above.  The choice of club or clubs is to be determined by the Members of the Club at an Extraordinary General Meeting, at or before the time of transfer.

15.3. If effect cannot be given to such provision, then the property of the Club shall be transferred by the Executive Officers to some other organisation which is a Registered Charity.

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